5 tips to teach you to create a perfect European s

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Modern design style tends to be concise, which also brings simple and simple elements into European style design. European style includes different styles such as northern Europe, Western Europe and North America. The northern European style is simpler and more popular with young people and fashionable people. If you want to create a European style full of style, how can you do it without working hard? European style pays attention to atmosphere and luxury, but if the room is small, don't lose heart, because as long as you pay attention to details, it will also be successful

1. The choice of furniture should be commensurate with the European details on hard decoration. Choose dark furniture with Western retro patterns and very westernized modeling, which is harmonious with the general atmosphere and tone

2. Wallpaper can choose some distinctive ones to decorate the room. For example, wallpaper with biblical stories and characters is a typical European style. Stripes and broken flowers are also common in North American styles

3. Lamps and lanterns can choose some lamps with softer shape and lines or softer light. Iron branch lamps are a good choice, with a little modeling and a little simplicity

4. European style decorated rooms should choose cumbersome lines and heavy picture frames to match them, and they do not exclude gold painting, carving and even look more grand. On the contrary, this is exactly the style

5. Most European style ground colors are white and light, while furniture can be white or dark, but it should be a series with a unified style. At the same time, the fabric and texture of some fabrics are very important, such as silk fabrics will appear more noble




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