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The parents of many babies will be busy with the decoration of their new houses and their babies' rooms. Environmental pollution and the safety of children's rooms are the first issues to be paid attention to and solved. Where is the crux of children's room decoration pollution, and what safety issues should be paid attention to when choosing materials

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indoor environmental pollution does harm to children's health in five aspects: first, it induces children's blood diseases; Secondly, increase the incidence rate of asthma in children; Third, it causes congenital abnormalities in newborns; Fourth, cause neonatal heart disease; Fifth, the intelligence of children is greatly reduced

at present, it is believed that the four major causes of leukemia are chemical pollution factors, infection factors, radiation factors and gene mutations. The ammonia released from marble is the indoor pollution “ The number one killer ”, It comes from bricks, tiles, steel bars, cement, stone, gypsum, pottery and other materials. It has a clear carcinogenic effect and directly kills human body cells. If the killed cells mutate, it may cause cancer

the adhesives of wood and cloth sofa contain extremely high benzene content. People who inhale excessive benzene series substances will feel dizzy, nauseated, weak, dry skin and blurred consciousness in light cases, and even cause coma, liver and kidney failure and blood disease in severe cases. How to prevent pollution

for the healthy growth of children, the following countermeasures should be implemented for the pollution of children's room:

1. The decoration of children's room should be scientific, environmental friendly and pollution-free. In particular, we should pay attention not to lay floors, carpets, ceilings, and use less colored paint and coatings

2. Attention should be paid to the selection of furniture in children's room: select according to national standards; At the same time, it should be noted that the volume of furniture should not exceed 50% of the room; Pay attention to the strict edge sealing and double-sided boards for wood-based panel furniture; Children's clothes should be sealed and packaged when they are placed in new furniture

3. Pay attention to the ventilation of children's room. In order to ensure safe ventilation, windows with upward rotating ventilation devices should be installed, and rooms with poor ventilation should be installed with fresh air ventilation devices. Ventilation should be ensured in the morning and evening every day, and each time should be more than half an hour

4. Pay attention to prevent formaldehyde pollution of children's articles and clothing. Such as room curtains, newly bought clothes, cloth furniture, cloth toys, etc

5. Do a good job in the prevention and treatment of indoor environmental pollution. The newly decorated children's room should be ventilated and purified. According to different seasons, it should generally be ventilated for 15-30 days. It should be checked and checked in according to national standards. For indoor environmental purification and treatment, we must listen to the opinions of experts and choose qualified purification and treatment products to prevent secondary pollution

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