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Due to the hot weather and high temperature in summer, the decoration usually gives people the feeling of being convenient and easy to construct. But a little careless, there will be some unexpected problems

in summer, due to the hot weather and high temperature, the decoration usually gives people the feeling of being convenient and easy to construct. But a little careless, there will be some unexpected problems

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I: precautions for summer construction:

(I) pay attention to safety in decoration first

in summer, the temperature is high, the climate is dry, and there are many materials stacked on the construction site. From the perspective of safety, materials should be placed in a cool place as far as possible to avoid fires caused by combustion due to poor air circulation and high temperature inside. In summer, materials should be stacked at the construction site as little as possible, so as to reduce the hidden dangers of accidents. In addition, electrical appliances and tools during operation should be kept at a distance from materials as far as possible, and materials should be kept away from materials as far as possible during live line operation. It is best to make a reasonable division between the work area and the material area

(II) frequent ventilation to prevent pollution caused by decoration

in order to avoid decoration pollution in summer “ High incidence period ” In addition to choosing non-toxic and less toxic decorative materials as much as possible and inviting regular home decoration companies to construct, we should also do a good job in the ventilation and air purification of the decorated room. If conditions permit, try to ventilate the room as much as possible; If there are no conditions, indoor ventilation devices and air purification devices that can reduce indoor harmful gases can be selected

(III) moisture proof and sun proof

wood products purchased in summer include construction main material big core board, auxiliary material white wood strip, internal corner line, door edge line, window frame line and skirting board at the lower edge of the wall. The moisture content of wood products needs to be tested. In the building materials market, general wood products franchise stores should have wood moisture content measuring instruments. According to national regulations, the moisture content of standard plates cannot exceed 12%. Experts suggest that when purchasing materials in the rainy season, dry ones can be appropriately selected, and the materials can be placed for a day or two after entering the site to make it the same as the surrounding humidity, so it is more suitable for use. In addition, the board should be protected from strong sunlight exposure; In case of high humidity in rainy days, moisture-proof and deformation proof measures shall be taken during storage. Don't put the boards and timbers in the room with direct sunlight. The exposure to sunlight will accelerate the aging of the paint and glue of wood products decoration. It is also necessary to prevent rainwater from causing expansion, deformation and even mildew of wood products, so special attention should be paid in daily life

(IV) finish the base course

before pasting ceramic tiles, floor tiles and treating the wall surface, the bottom layer of the finish should not be too dry. The general treatment method is to sprinkle water first, let it fully absorb water, and then use cement mortar or gypsum powder as the base to ensure the firmness of the paste

(V) pay attention to leaving room for expansion and contraction of the wooden floor

when paving the solid wood floor again, we should grasp the measure and leave a certain expansion coefficient for the solid wood floor. Too large or too small floor gap will affect the paving effect

(VI) pay attention to the rational use of chemical products

before construction, read the instructions of the products used, such as glue, adhesive, paint and other chemical products, and be sure to work at the temperature and environment mentioned in the instructions to ensure the stability of the quality of chemical products

(VII) wallpaper and paint should be dried naturally in the shade

paint and wallpaper are commonly used wall decoration materials. In spring, because the air is humid, doors and windows are opened for ventilation in order to dry the wall as soon as possible. Summer is different. Because it is dry, wallpaper should be soaked in water before paving, and then painted with glue. If you want to open the doors and windows at this time, let the newly laid wallpaper blow “ Draught ”, Wallpaper will shrink and deform due to rapid water loss

(VIII) remove the musty smell

in home decoration, we often encounter the problem that latex paint will become moldy and smell in hot weather because of its slow drying. In this regard, the general method of decoration companies is to turn on the air conditioner to pump moisture out of the air; Keep the furniture cabinet door open and ventilated. After decoration, we will encounter the problem that all kinds of odors can't spread out, which will affect people's health. The suggestion of the decoration company is to put more green plants after decoration, or put twoorthree lemons, oranges and bananas in the room, which can achieve the effect of rapid deodorization

(IX) do not paint in rainy days

for wood products, remember not to paint in rainy days, whether it is painting varnish or mixing oil. In rainy days, please ask the construction team to do other work first, even temporarily stop working for two days, and don't do painting work in rainy days

(x) don't rush to repair seasonal problems

the air humidity in spring is high, and the water in walls, floors and wooden furniture is relatively large. In summer, the air gradually becomes dry. At this time, some problems may occur due to seasonal changes, different temperatures and humidity, such as the shrinkage of wood floors and the widening of the gap between boards; There are cracks in the wall and door frame due to different materials and different shrinkage rates; Cracks appear on the wall &hellip& hellip; These are normal phenomena in the seasonal transition. At this time, the water continues to volatilize and the wall may continue to crack. We should wait until the water content of the wall is suitable for the external climate, and then repair it again, so the effect will be better

(XI) radiators should be taken into account

although you will not use heating in hot midsummer, you will feel the importance of heating in your future residence. And the home decoration project has “ Non repeatability ”, Therefore, whenever you decorate, you should take the replacement of heating into account. In the current home decoration, it has become popular to replace the traditional cast iron radiator with a new steel tube radiator with good heating effect and beautiful appearance. However, you should say hello to relevant departments

II: attention should be paid to safety in summer decoration, and protective measures should be taken at the same time. Inflammable materials used in decoration are concentrated, the construction site is scattered, and some construction personnel lack safety awareness. The hidden dangers of fire, explosion, poisoning and personal injury cannot be ignored. An emergency safety plan should be established for home decoration, and attention should be paid to six prevention measures: fire prevention, explosion prevention, virus prevention, disease prevention, waterproof and hidden danger prevention

(I) fire prevention

first of all, pay attention to the fire safety during indoor construction. Smoking is prohibited on site, and open flames are not allowed; Inflammables such as paint and thinner should be stored away from the fire source in a cool, ventilated and safe place; The construction site should be cleaned every day to remove wood chips, paint dirt, residues and other combustible materials; Ensure the safety and smoothness of indoor exits; Fire fighting equipment must be equipped; The construction personnel must master the common sense of fire control

secondly, attention should be paid to the use of fire-proof materials in decoration. Decorative materials such as wood, carpet, cloth art, paint, etc. are flammable materials. For this reason, the state has formulated strict standards, and decorative materials must be selected according to the standard grade requirements

finally, attention should be paid to circuit construction and electrical installation in home decoration. Strictly implement the electrical installation procedures. All electrical circuits should be sleeved, and non combustible materials should be used for fire and heat insulation around junction boxes, switches, slot lamps, ceiling lamps and heating devices

(II) explosion proof

paint, banana water, paint and diluent, etc., which are widely used in decoration, are easy to volatilize. The indoor ventilation is poor, and the gas volatilized by the paint is not easy to be discharged, gathering indoors. Within this range, it will explode in case of open fire. Therefore, during construction, there should be good ventilation indoors, so that flammable gases can easily diffuse to the outside. In addition, the unauthorized modification and sealing of gas pipelines are also very easy to cause gas leakage and explosion. This leaves users with potential safety hazards

(III) anti poison

the main components of paint and waterproof materials are mostly resin organic macromolecular compounds, which contain a large amount of volatile solvents. When in use, it is often necessary to adjust the diluent to a suitable viscosity to facilitate construction. These diluents are highly volatile and widely dispersed in the air, making them the culprit of poisoning workers during construction. Non toxic and harmless decorative materials and processes that meet national standards should be used, such as water-based paint and other non polluting materials; Strengthen the management of labor protection in the workplace. Decoration workers must wear protective equipment when painting in the room with closed doors and windows. Painters are not allowed to spend the night at the job site




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