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In home decoration, the ceiling not only plays a decorative role in the whole home, but also because it represents the meaning of "heaven" in the home, so in terms of Feng Shui, it has a particularly obvious impact on the fate of the head of the family, which must be treated with caution. Improper ceiling decoration will affect the fortunes of a family, especially the head of the family. Here we summarize the taboos of ceiling decoration, and hope that you can "tend to avoid Taboos" and dress up your home more healthily

◆ three taboos:

for many years, Chinese people have been deeply influenced by the concept of "a round sky and a round place", so most daily necessities are round or square. For example, traditional buildings are mainly square, supplemented by circular. Chinese traditional houses, whether external walls or internal halls, are mostly square. It's smooth, upright and impartial, which makes people respect it. Geomantic omen attaches importance to such square houses

in Feng Shui, a square house is better. If it is narrow or irregular, it is considered unlucky

but now the design of the building units in the city is narrow or irregular. Most people buy them because they have no choice, but there is always a shadow in their hearts, which makes it difficult to live at ease. First, talk about the long and narrow hall. The so-called long and narrow means that the length exceeds more than twice the width. If the length is ten meters and the width is only four meters, it is narrow and long, which is not only unsatisfactory in Feng Shui, but also difficult to deal with in interior design. In this case, the best solution is to divide the living room into two with low cabinets, dressers and other furniture, and cut the strip into two square spaces. This is not only in line with the way of Feng Shui, but also can change the appearance, which no longer looks narrow. In doing so, we need to pay attention to the following points:

the separated part should be as close to the center line as possible, because only in this way can the separated two parts appear square, otherwise it will lose its original meaning. Shorter furniture should be used as a space as far as possible. For example, a short cabinet or dressing table more than three feet is more ideal, because this can make the separated two spaces interlinked. If you use a high cabinet or a high board wall as a spacing, this will be greatly discounted. Furniture used as a space should try to avoid facing the front door. If so, it will be detrimental to the people in the house, especially in terms of health. Therefore, you should pay attention not to let this kind of low cabinet face the door of the child's room. If it's really unavoidable, it's only possible to put a pot of plants next to the low cabinet as a remedy. What I mentioned just now is the long and narrow hall, and the long and narrow bedroom can also be divided into two in the same way. If you lie in bed and look at such a long and narrow bedroom, you will feel lonely and lonely, and those neurotic people will have a lot of delusions. However, if the long and narrow bedroom is divided into two with a low cabinet, one side is used as a dressing room or study, and the other side is used for sleeping. If a TV is placed on the low cabinet, you can also enjoy TV programs in bed. After such a change of fortune, there is no longer a sense of emptiness in the bedroom, and I feel much more secure psychologically

please note that some use mirrors as the spacing of bedrooms. In fact, this is not appropriate! If the mirror faces the dressing room or study, there is no big problem; But if you face the bed, you will commit the taboo of Feng Shui, which often leads to disease





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