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China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) time: 2018.7.08-7.11 place: China Import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition Hall, poly World Trade Expo, ruyushui booth No.: 10.2-06

China Construction Expo (Guangzhou)

time: 2018.7.08-7.11

place: China Import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition Hall Poly World Trade Exhibition Center

Ruyu Deshui booth number: 10.2-06

Ruyu Deshui headquarters address: third floor, Wangjing block B, No. 1909 Hongning Road, Hangzhou

after the 2018 Beijing soft decoration exhibition, Ruyu Deshui overall soft decoration participated in the 2018 China Construction Expo (Guangzhou), and the largest exhibition in the Asian home furnishing industry. Ruyushui takes the lead in introducing the world's first curtain intelligent flexible production line in the industry, leading China's home soft decoration into the era of smart factory

Ruyu Deshui soft clothing boutique - positioned in the medium and high-end market, has been in the soft clothing category for 23 years, and has successfully operated hundreds of national chain stores. It is a leading brand in the curtain industry, upgraded to the overall soft decoration chain sales mode, and has a super strong soft decoration front and back office team, a mature product supply chain and an operation system of service terminals

Ruyu Deshui intelligent factory perfectly interprets the essence of design and high-end manufacturing in the world of soft decoration. The delivery time is doubled, and the quality is improved again. It provides customers with cost-effective products, laying a solid foundation for achieving scale leadership and total cost leadership. Strong personalized curtain production capacity and top-notch production technology are one of the core competitiveness of ruyushui soft clothing products

let's follow Xiaobian to unveil the mystery of high-end manufacturing intelligent factory

intelligent batching: for each product order, prepare the goods in advance according to the automatic scheduling sequence of APS

intelligent mobilization: each order is automatically sorted according to APS, and the materials are automatically distributed

intelligent distribution: each order box is in the link that needs to be distributed, and the automatic stop light system is on

intelligent reading: automatically read the identity information of the materials, accurate batching

intelligent identification: accurately find the "way" you want to go, Products are processed according to the process flow

Seiko: side and anti-counterfeiting label sewing standards, curtains are 100px wide up and down the side

fine work: fine belt and washing label sewing standards

window curtain: see what you get carefully sewed, each product can accurately display the design effect drawing

Intelligent Manufacturing: Personalized Customization, Each product is a unique

leather label: high-speed multifunctional sewing equipment

finalization: Standard finalization equipment with high temperature and high-pressure steam at 120 ℃

hanging process: high temperature memory finalization makes curtains more beautiful

intelligent inspection: products must undergo strict quality inspection before leaving the factory, and excellence is our principle

packaging: soft goods

trend determines the future, platform determines speed, and mode determines success. With the development of overall soft packaging, consumers will have a huge market demand for overall soft packaging. Like a duck to water, big data, big platform, big soft clothing, we sincerely invite you to welcome the golden age of the overall soft clothing industry





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