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The indissoluble bond between multi frequency and multi-dimensional NMR and downhole exploration

on August 8, 2018, the Fifth China analytical instrument academic annual conference hosted by the analytical instrument branch of China instrumentation society and the Yangtze River Delta scientific instrument industry technology innovation strategic alliance was grandly held in Suzhou Wujiang Haiyue Garden Hotel. At the "zhuliangyi analytical Innovation Award" award ceremony held that night, Dr. liaoguangzhi from China University of Petroleum (Beijing) won the "Youth Innovation Award" that night. Chemical instrument interviewed Dr. liaoguangzhi the next day to have a deeper understanding of the relevant conditions of the new downhole multi frequency and multi-dimensional NMR spectrometer developed by his team

nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is a very effective downhole oil and gas detection technology. It has produced a wealth of theories and research methods in the formation evaluation, and plays a vital role in the exploration and development of oil and gas resources. Nowadays, the design of refrigeration system uses energy conditioning technology. After more than 30 years of rapid development, liaoguangzhi and his graduate team have successfully developed cable NMR logging, NMR logging while drilling and downhole NMR fluid analyzer, forming a series of underground in-situ oil and gas detection theories and instruments

the full name of this award-winning product is "downhole multi frequency and multi-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer for comparison of new microcomputer hydraulic universal testing machine and micro electromechanical universal testing machine". When talking about nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology, people think more of various things related to medicine. Liaoguangzhi and others did the opposite. They reversed the structure of MRI instruments similar to medicine and placed them in the well to detect the oil, natural gas and other information around the well

this new downhole multi frequency and multi-dimensional NMR spectrometer brought by China University of petroleum makes full use of the unique information obtained by NMR to accurately describe the pore structure of the reservoir and accurately identify the fluid type, so as to obtain key reservoir parameters such as porosity, permeability, oil saturation, movable fluid saturation and irreducible fluid saturation, providing important technical support for oil and gas exploration and development. The new downhole multi frequency and multi-dimensional NMR spectrometer uses the phase control principle to make different combinations of antenna arrays by establishing a special-shaped structure magnet with gradient magnetic field and a detector array for directional high-power transmission and weak echo signal reception, so that the static magnetic field and RF magnetic field are orthogonal everywhere in the preset area. Finally, combined with the special packaging process, the axial radial circumferential three-dimensional NMR scanning detection is realized in the extreme environment of underground high temperature, high pressure and small space

liaoguangzhi introduced that the biggest innovation of this instrument is actually in the probe part. They combined the combined magnet with the independently developed antenna to enable the instrument to determine four to five directions in the formation and detect fluid information in different directions through these directions. At present, China University of Petroleum (Beijing) has applied for 35 national patents for this instrument, of which 9 U.S. patents are pending

in addition, the new downhole multi frequency and multi-dimensional NMR spectrometer uses permanent magnets, which is more affordable, simple to operate, and has clear imaging results, which is very convenient for market promotion, It now accounts for 90% of the domestic oil exploration instrument Market... The instrument is mainly aimed at some oil field technical service companies under the three major oil companies in China because the quality of equipment or the fairness of design will affect the operation and equipment life. The instrument has established close cooperation with CNPC logging Co., Ltd., CNOOC Oilfield Services Co., Ltd., Beijing huanding Technology Co., Ltd., and its sales scope is as far as Canada, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan and other cities

liaoguangzhi said that the principle of this instrument can also be applied to medicine, such as detecting the thickness of blood vessel wall and fluid information to help analyze vascular diseases. Similarly, with the follow-up development, the instrument will also be gradually miniaturized and enter the detection of agriculture, food (meat, yogurt), etc

people often use "one minute on stage, ten years off stage" to describe the hardships of performers. In fact, this sentence is also applicable to instrument people. In the process of developing the instrument, what liaoguangzhi felt most was the analysis of the performance characteristics of the common universal material testing machine with the word "stick to". In order to win the "Youth Innovation Award", he would like to thank PetroChina, CNOOC and Sinopec for their long-term support, as well as Newmark analytical instruments for their various assistance. In addition, there are also graduate students, teachers and media friends in the laboratory. It is the attention and encouragement of these people that have led to today's new downhole multi frequency and multi-dimensional NMR spectrometer. In the future, they will also work harder to promote the miniaturization of this instrument to thousands of households

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