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Analyzing the industrial "personality" of the packaging industry has been fully revealed

in today's world, cultural creativity is leading a wave of new economic rise, and the packaging industry is also realizing the revitalization of the industry with the help of cultural creativity. Up to now, the packaging industry has become an indispensable and important industry in the national economy. Imagine what the world would be like without all kinds of packaging, and how people's daily lives would be affected? The basic function of packaging is to protect commodities, facilitate transportation, introduce or explain the functions of commodities, and promote consumption. Therefore, commodity packaging, especially product packaging closely related to the interests of consumers, should adhere to scientific and technological progress and humanistic care

cultural change in packaging

in the era of low national economy and people's consumption level, product packaging is in the stage of simple packaging. The packaging industry is regarded as a supporting industry, and the packaging materials belong to each material industry department; Packaging products are respectively attached to the packaged goods and belong to the consumer goods industry. The industrial personality of the packaging industry is hidden in other industries. The supporting traditional concepts also add a passive ideological bondage to the packaging industry. In fact, the packaging industry has the characteristics of cross industry, cross field and cross discipline because it faces and serves a wide variety of products, different quality and different needs, involving a wide range of material selection, equipment development and process improvement. This cross interaction is an important driving force for innovation in the packaging industry

since the reform and opening up, China has become a large developing country with agricultural economy, industrial economy, knowledge economy and creative economy coexisting in the macroeconomic system (although there is a considerable gap between the high-end structure and developed countries, the diversity of economic elements has been achieved). People's consumption level has shown a trend of high quality, diversification and personalization. Product packaging has entered a new stage of innovative packaging. The packaging industry and downstream industries show a close relationship and interactive support when the load can no longer rise. The high-tech industry of knowledge economy promotes the development of the packaging industry and provides it with new technical equipment and new materials. The establishment of intellectual property system, cultural and artistic elements of creative economy, intelligent creativity and high-tech means bring a new look to packaging design. In the era of sustainable development, the industrial economy is transforming into a circular economy, and the packaging industry shows a more prominent vitality of creating new industries. The industrial personality of the packaging industry has been fully revealed

interaction between packaging and culture

the interaction between packaging and printing and cultural creativity can promote the development of the industry, affect consumer culture, and broaden science popularization and innovation. First of all, the combination of packaging and printing and cultural and creative elements comprehensively shows the comprehensive characteristics of the industry, such as material, technical, artistic, cultural, media and intellectual power, and promotes the all-round development of the packaging industry. As a commodity, packaging materials have material attributes, and have certain packaging technology content in order to meet different needs. At the same time, in order to win the market and attract consumption, packaging and printing must have the role of artistic decoration and innovative design that can reflect the cultural connotation of commodities, so as to expand the influence of commodity brands. Packaging creative design also makes packaging own intellectual property value

secondly, the rationality, moderation, luxury and excess of packaging and printing creative innovation have an important impact on the social consumption consciousness, consumption behavior and consumption atmosphere. In order to implement the spirit of the instructions of the leaders of the State Council to promote conservation, attach importance to environmental protection and oppose excessive packaging of commodities, the national development and Reform Commission, the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the State Environmental Protection Administration recently jointly issued the notice on saving resources, protecting the environment and opposing excessive packaging of commodities, requiring greater efforts to curb excessive packaging of commodities. Excessive packaging of commodities mainly refers to the phenomenon that some consumer goods sold in the domestic market have excessive packaging volume, luxurious packaging decoration and high packaging cost, resulting in abnormal commodity prices and strong social repercussions. Personally, I think the best way to solve this problem is to start with the creative design of packaging

in addition, the rise of circular economy and the recycling of packaging waste have extended the social economy of the packaging industry and created a new scientific and social engineering model for the recycling of packaging waste

the combination of scientific popularization and cultural creativity will effectively enhance the people's awareness of environmental protection and conservation, and highlight the typical significance of the packaging industry in the sustainable development of circular economy. Taking the South Korean metal can packaging industry we investigated as an example, the South Korean metal can resources association built a metal can recycling base publicity exhibition hall in 2005, with the headquarters' English abbreviation CRA as the architectural outline. In order to attract children's interest in visiting, we created a personified cartoon character Kai 4 Candy, a dental material preparation technology, vividly, vividly, popularly and interactively presents the metal cans from the whole process of production and circulation, consumption, waste, recycling, recycling and meeting the needs of more customers to the children by means of animation, film and television, models and so on, so that they can receive a good education in protecting the environment, caring for resources and turning waste into treasure from childhood

development focus of packaging industry

the industrial link between packaging printing and cultural creativity will put forward higher requirements for the training of composite packaging design talents. We should vigorously develop and improve the ability and level of packaging designers, establish and support advanced packaging creative design centers to cooperate with enterprises, colleges and professional institutions, so as to provide strong support for ensuring the sustainable development of the packaging industry and improving the soft power of the packaging industry. At the same time, all localities should build special packaging and printing industrial parks to form cluster bases for innovative packaging design, technology research and development, and production and manufacturing of high value-added products, so as to inject greater vitality into the better and faster development of the packaging industry. From the strategic perspective of long-term development, it is necessary for China to actually build a comprehensive science popularization and education base for circular economy of packaging waste. The base can include three topics: metal cans, polyester bottles and Tetra Pak. It will give full play to the strength of cultural creativity and the advantages of popular science work. With the joint promotion of the association of government, enterprises, universities and research institutes, it will be built into a new resource-saving and environment-friendly science and education base for the society, especially young people, and play a positive role in the progress of social civilization

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