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With its stable product quality and brand position, Stanley's overall wardrobe brand has been favored by many consumers. Every product detail of Stanley wardrobe is exquisite and can stand the test of consumers

the overall wardrobe has become a kind of wardrobe product that attracts much attention in the home market. The overall wardrobe with good texture and excellent workmanship, which can be perfectly integrated with the overall home decoration design style, has been favored by most consumers, while Stanley's overall wardrobe brand has been favored by many consumers with its solid product quality and brand position. Every product detail of Stanley wardrobe is exquisite and can stand the test of consumers


patented technology, Stanley's overall wardrobe is made of SKF international brand bearings and DuPont's high-end saigang materials by precision injection molding. Good self-lubricating performance, high strength, wear resistance, mute, environmental protection, and repeated pushing and pulling for more than 100000 times (20 years). Stanley solemnly promises that the pulley is guaranteed for life

Stanley patented heavy-duty bottom wheel can meet the high-strength load-bearing of more than 35 kg. When the sliding door is more than 2.4 meters high and the glass or metal panel of the sliding door is heavy, it is recommended to use the heavy bottom wheel patented by Stanley

frame track

Danli's overall wardrobe adopts high-strength primary aluminum alloy materials, advanced processing technology and special surface treatment to ensure the durability and renewal of the materials; High tech laser marking is used on the surface of profiles to effectively protect the interests of consumers

Stanley's overall wardrobe is made of galvanized steel imported from Canada. It is first cold pressed and then forged. It is made by patented process, with high UV resistance. It will never fade, deform and blister. The material is environmentally friendly, and can prevent UV interference. It will grow new over time

accessories adhesive tape

the mirror door is protected by double-sided adhesive tape and safety backing cloth imported from Canada. It has strong adhesion, adapts to various temperature differences, and never degumms, so that the mirror can resist the impact of general weights in daily life, ensuring that the fragments of the mirror stick to the backing cloth in case of accidents, so as to minimize the risk and ensure the personal safety of customers

cabinet plate

with Stanley anti-counterfeiting trademark. The plate meets the national E1 quality and environmental standards, and has obtained the environmental protection certificate. The surface adopts imported paper and ink, with clear and natural lines, and the wear resistance is 5 times that of domestic paper and ink, which is not easy to fade and scratch

every detail of the wardrobe strives to be perfect. A product from design to production is not only a simple process, but also made by every producer carefully, which is worthy of the trust of every consumer




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