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As the decoration is more and more concerned about the quality of decoration, more and more families in bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms will choose to install wooden doors. Shunli wooden door reminds you that it is very important to measure the size of the wooden door. Only if the measurement is accurate can we avoid all kinds of troubles during installation. Next, Shunli wooden door will explain to you the measurement methods and precautions of wooden doors

I. conditions that must be met before wooden door measurement

1. The customer and the person in charge of construction must be on site

2. Water and electricity transformation and wall transformation must be completed

3. The horizontal line is available, the kitchen and bathroom walls and floor tiles need to be paved, and the floors of rooms need to be leveled. The height of walls, floor tiles and floors should be determined

II. Details of wooden door measurement

1. The high demand is measured three times in the order of left, middle and right, and the result is the most accurate

2. Pay attention to the sequence of door and floor installation. It is recommended to install the door first and then the floor

III. precautions in the measurement of wooden doors

wooden doors require the size of the door opening to be as accurate as possible. Shunli wooden doors will classify the width, height and wall thickness of the opening into the standard combined size, so it needs the cooperation of the construction site. Pay attention to the following points:

1. The door opening is required to be completed with a vertical wall without inclination, and the thickness of the left and right wall piers is the same, and on a vertical end face, Otherwise, the overall installation of the door may be incorrect, or there may be a gap between the sleeve line and the wall and the size may be uneven

2. The surveyor will put forward corresponding rectification requirements according to the measured hole size on site, and ask the customer to confirm the hole size of product production and installation, and then the customer will implement the construction team for rectification and construction

different series of doors have different structural sizes, so it is necessary to pay attention to the boundary position of different materials during ground construction (floor and floor, floor and masonry batten position). Avoid exposing two different materials on the ground where the door leaves fall to the ground

3. If the thickness, width or height of the blank wall is inconsistent with the standard combination size when measured, the customer's construction team is required to construct by itself before the arrival and installation of the finished door, and the plate, brick and stone can be used for restructuring, such as adding/chiseling the wall stack, raising/lowering the door opening, etc. Avoid that the finished door cannot be installed smoothly

Shunli wooden door reminds everyone to choose a regular brand when buying wooden doors. As a household commodity, a regular brand can guarantee their rights and interests; Shunlimen will regularly carry out training for franchised stores, including measurement and installation. Shunlimen always believes that only professionals can provide better services to customers

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