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All walks of life are running for their careers, because this is an era of fierce competition. We work overtime every day, no doubt hoping for a good future. But a good future is bound to be inseparable from the good feng shui of the office, so what are the feng shui of the boss' office decoration? How to layout

what is Feng Shui about the decoration of the boss' office

1. Office desks and chairs

the back of the office chair cannot be empty. There must be a wall as the backer. Chinese people pay attention to "backer" in everything they do, and the back wall is "backer". Only when there is a backer can Feng Shui be taken care of in all aspects. The correct distance of the boss' chair against the wall should be about one foot away from the wall, so that the boss' chair can rotate left and right, back and forth, so as to meet the requirements of doing things with more than enough advance and retreat

2. Office decoration

the layout style should reflect the boss's temperament and character. The Feng Shui layout of the office is different from that of the home. The office should reflect the authority of the owner and the culture of the enterprise, so as to facilitate the implementation of decisions and occupy a favorable position in business negotiations. Sofa, hanging pictures and decorations should be selected with momentum, so that foreign guests can look up rather than down. All these arrangements should be unified in the gossip orientation and color style required by the boss's own destiny

3. Office lighting

if there are glass windows on both sides of the boss' office, the light is too strong and too transparent, which will cause mental weakness and fatigue of indoor people. The window with poor scenery outside the window should be closed with blinds. If the office has a window on one side, the window can face east, South and West, but it should not face north. Because the north is the Kan palace, the Lord works divination. Yin Qi is heavy, Yang Qi is difficult to rise, and the pressure of career is great. If it is already a window facing north, then the desk should not be too close to the window. Indoor layout, walls or sofas, bookshelves, etc. should use warm colors, or more red colors, to make up for the lack of Yang

4. The office should not be too large or too small

if the area is too large, it will appear empty and will not gather gas. If the office is too small, it is inconvenient for hands and feet, and the development of business is blocked; The table leaned against the window, and the prosperous Qi was absorbed and dispersed, which affected the boss's thinking. People calculated to lose money if they made a mistake in business. If their position was damaged, their wealth would be destroyed

5. Prominent position

there are three pages in total. The first page is 123. The next page highlights the position of the host to prevent turning away from the guest. All indoor decorations and facilities, including a flowerpot and a pendant, should reflect the principle of being used by me. The sofa should be placed in a U-shaped shape, with the mouth facing the boss's desk, forming a centripetal force and cohesion

how is the boss' office laid out

the environment will affect people's mood and work efficiency. In order to get a relatively good working environment, we should pay attention to the following issues in the layout of the office:

1. The location of the boss's office. Because of the sitting direction, a room will be divided into different location areas

2. The size of the boss' office is very particular. Some bosses make their offices big in order to show their style, and some have no offices in order to save space. These two situations are not desirable

3. Tables and chairs in the boss' office. There are also strict requirements for the placement of the general manager's office seats. First: the back of the chair cannot be empty. There must be a wall as a backer. Chinese people pay attention to having a "backer" in everything they do. The back wall is "backer". Only with a backer can Feng Shui be taken care of in all aspects

4. The route to the boss's room should also be smooth. Although most of the general manager's rooms are in the back, the route from the gate to the room should not be crooked, or blocked by sundries, or the winding path is deep. Such wealth is not easy to enter the room, but will make business development difficult

5. The shape of the boss' office should not be "L". Offices with many corners are not suitable, and it is difficult to coordinate and communicate with employees and customers. Circular office is also not suitable

the best choice for the location of the boss' office:

1. The house facing south must take the north and southwest as the boss' office

2. The house facing North must take the due south and northeast as the boss's office

3. The owner's office must be located in the East and northwest of the house facing west

4. If you sit in a house facing west to East, you must take the northwest, Southeast or due south as the boss's office

5. If you sit in a house from the northeast to the southwest, you should take the northwest and northeast as the boss's office

6. If you sit in a house with the southwest facing the northeast, you should take the East and southwest as the boss's office

7. If you sit in a house facing northwest to Southeast, you should take the due west, northwest or north as the boss's office

8. If you sit in a house from the southeast to the northwest, you should take the southeast and southwest as the boss's office

the above is all about "what is the Feng Shui layout of the boss' office decoration", and I hope to help you

there are three pages in total, the first page 123 the next page

many people don't pay much attention to windows in home decoration. The role of windows is not only ventilation, but also Feng Shui. Windows are the eyes of geomantic omen. If the geomantic omen of windows is not handled well, it will be detrimental to the house and its owner. So what is the knowledge of window decoration Feng Shui? Where is the orientation of the window

what are the feng shui knowledge of window decoration

1. The window should not be directly opposite the road rush

houses directly opposite the road rush are prone to accidents. If this road rush is also directly opposite the window, this disadvantage will be aggravated, so it is appropriate to avoid it

2. The window should not be directly facing the water tower, electric pole, etc.

if the window is directly facing the water tower, electric pole, etc., the evil spirit formed by the water tower and electric pole will pass through the window and enter, affecting the fortunes of the family, especially the fortunes of wealth, career and health, which are more vulnerable to serious damage

3. The windows should not be directly opposite

the two windows of the room are directly opposite, which will make it difficult to hide wind and gas indoors, which is almost equivalent to the situation that the doors and windows are directly opposite, which is detrimental to the accumulation of popularity and wealth, and there is a risk of wealth leakage

4. There should be no shelter in front of the window

the window absorbs sunlight and air into the room, and it is also one of the communication channels between residents and the outside world. If the front of the window is blocked by buildings, mountains and other obstacles, it will not only block the vision of the residents, but also block the vitality and wealth of the room

5. Windows should not be facing fiercely

if the outside of the window is facing hospitals, temples, funeral homes, crematoria, tombs, prisons, slaughterhouses, garbage dumps and other places with too much Yin Qi, Yin Qi may enter the room along the window, causing a very adverse impact on residents

? 6. The number of windows should not be too many

if there are too many windows, it will disturb the indoor atmosphere, and the home life is easy to be tense and difficult to relax

7. The windows should not be too large or too small

the windows in the room are too large, which is easy to lead to internal air leakage. In summer, too much sunshine and heat will enter the room, and in winter, the hot air in the room will be quickly lost, which does not meet the Feng Shui standard of wind storage and gas accumulation. Too small windows are easy to make people feel cramped, shabby and stingy. In the long run, residents will also become narrow-minded and backward

8. Stairs should not be seen outside the window

the bedroom should not have too many or too large windows, and it is not suitable to see stairs outside the window. Every move of people in the room will be spied, making people lack a sense of security

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