Trend analysis of overall cabinet design

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Analysis of the overall cabinet design trend

as the core structure of the home catering environment, the kitchen has undergone revolutionary changes. The kitchen construction has entered the development stage of comfortable and artistic life from the functional and supporting type, and the equipment has also entered the professional production stage of the cabinet unit from the simple construction. Recently, the focus of kitchen and home furnishing is still fashion and classicism. Manufacturers not only innovate in color and style, but also increase the internal practicality in humanization. Today we will discuss the cabinet concept of the post-80s generation

The post-80s generation is a representative of fashion and internationalization, and the era has given them strange ideas and publicized personality. Therefore, there must be distinctive highlights in life to adapt to the more advanced stream of consciousness. Streamlined cabinet design is a major feature of kitchen furniture. The perfect curve adds bright colors, making the whole cabinet full of youthful vitality. According to reports, this streamlined cabinet is rare among domestic manufacturers, but this linear design attracts the attention of many young people. In addition to the charm of the appearance, the capacity inside is much larger than the general square cabinet, which is very convenient to use

the "little secret" in the "big monster"

storage space is where every owner can give full play to his intelligence. Nowadays, the design of the cabinet also makes use of the angular space in the cabinet, which is connected with the external basket to form a whole, which is commonly known as "big monster" or "small monster". The ingenious design can not only make full use of space, but also make it easier to handle and store things, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone

exquisite and practical small drawers

simple style cabinets are generally large drawers or sliding doors, while small drawers are less. In addition to the classic and noble appearance of many European cabinets, many of their highlights are that there are more small drawers. The biggest feature of this design is that it can classify items and make them easy to take. Some small foods are not easy to taste when put together, and they look exquisite in appearance

matching partners are convenient and practical

young people born in the 1980s are generally not good at cooking, so they need to read some recipes to cook. It is easy to get wet and greasy on the table, which is very inconvenient. Now we will launch a bookshelf dedicated to reading recipes, which can be read at will, and there is no need to worry about the books getting dirty. After cooking, your hands will be greasy and you need to take a napkin. Put some meal paper on the shelf for easy access to avoid smearing the drawer handle with oil drops because of dirty hands. And hanging the shelf on the wall won't take up too much space on the table

from the above characteristics, we can see that in the future, cabinets will pay more attention to reality, and people will use them more smoothly and comfortably. But in addition to these characteristics, it is not difficult for us to find that the overall trend of the current development of kitchen and home furnishings is to tend to people who need them more, which is not only the pursuit of the post-80s generation, but also the pursuit of the public



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