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[] today, when people are increasingly pursuing the quality of life and quality of life, the decoration of green and environmentally friendly home has become the focus of people's life. We should be green, environmentally friendly and safe. With the social progress and the attention and strengthening of people's awareness of ecological protection in recent years, green and environmentally friendly home will also become the necessity of the development of the times! As a consumer, what specific aspects should we start with? See experts tell you how to decorate green home

I. green environmental protection design

1. Select qualified decoration materials. Inorganic non-metallic materials shall be class a materials, and artificial wood and decorative artificial wood shall be class E1 materials. Other materials shall comply with the provisions of the national standard "limit of harmful substances in interior decoration materials"

2. Control the dosage of various materials. In the decoration design before home decoration, it should be considered to use less materials that are easy to cause indoor environmental pollution and less veneering and painting processes

3. Follow the principles of simplicity and practicality. The more complex the decoration design and construction are, the more functional spaces and shapes are, the larger the quantities are, and the more main and auxiliary materials are used. Even if all decoration materials that meet the limit of harmful substances of indoor decoration materials are used, the finished decoration products after construction may also cause indoor environmental pollution. Sometimes it is hidden deeply and slowly released after a few years, which is a major hidden danger in home decoration. Even if all qualified decoration materials are used, a large amount of harmful substances in the indoor air will exceed the standard

4. Ventilation. Through the design, the interior and exterior are transparent, creating an open flowing space, integrating the interior and exterior, so that residents can get more sunshine, fresh air and scenery

5. Plants are the guardians of human health. It can not only absorb indoor harmful substances and give people a relaxed and harmonious living in the natural environment, but also foil the home atmosphere, cultivate the interest of life and improve the feeling of cultural goods

second, choose green decoration materials

many inorganic and metal materials in common decoration materials will not cause environmental pollution and damage human health. Consumers can safely use them. The following is a brief introduction to the selection methods of materials commonly used in several types of interior decoration projects that are prone to indoor environmental pollution

1. Selection of artificial wood and decorative artificial wood materials. Due to the limitation of processing technology and the difference of adhesive quality, many formaldehyde emissions from man-made wood boards in circulation on the market seriously exceed the standard. When purchasing, pay attention to the following items:

the artificial wood board should be produced by a regular manufacturer, with the quality identification certificate of the quality inspection department or the manufacturer's mark. For example, when purchasing blockboard, pay attention to observe whether there is a clear and fadeless number at 30mm on the back or side of the blockboard, including category, production date, manufacturer code, inspector code, E0 or E1 level, etc, It is better not to use miscellaneous wood core boards. These boards are assembled with small pieces of miscellaneous wood, which contain the most glue, and most of them fail to meet the standard. B for the selection of decorative artificial wood, you can ask the supplier for the standard specification of the product, whether it has passed the national environmental mark certification, and whether it is environmentally friendly (green ten ring mark). For example, observe whether there is an indelible machine number or steel seal on the back of the laminate floor, including the manufacturer's logo, brand, and whether the unit name is consistent with the physical object. You can also measure it yourself. Smell it against the core of the horizontal plate. The smell is very pungent. At the same time, those who feel uncomfortable in their eyes are unqualified





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