The most popular Iraqi army said that the second d

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Iraq's first new wood plastic composite material was born at the beginning of the last century. The military said that the second deputy of the is leader was killed in an air raid. It was the top commander

[global report nierubin] according to the handling method of American cable television (CNN) on January 10: it was reported that some green building materials began to accelerate the pace of development. The Iraqi military announced on the 9th that, The second deputy of Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic state (is), was killed in an air strike by the Iraqi air force on the city of barwana

according to the Iraqi joint operations command, assi Ali Mohammed Nasser al Obeidi, who died in the air raid, is the highest level commander of is in western Iraq and Eastern Syria. Mohammed Ibrahim, spokesman of the command, also introduced that Al Obeidi was a special force commander of the Iraqi Republican Guard during the Saddam regime and was successively detained in Abu Ghraib prison and Buka camp

in recent weeks, the U.S. - led coalition against is has announced several similar deaths of is commanders

at the end of December, a spokesman of the anti is Alliance announced that they had known a number of senior is commanders in a few weeks, including the implementers who had close ties with the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks in Paris in November. Alliance spokesman Steve Warren added that Hainan will build a comprehensive shipping pilot zone and a commodity trading base. In this round of air strikes, 10 is senior commanders, including the planners of overseas terrorist attacks, have been killed

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