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Iqiyi apologized late at night! Whose purse did the dumped milk "flow" into

release date: Source: Zhongxin Jingwei

recently, the third season of iqiyi talent show "youth has you" was ordered to suspend recording, and the finals originally scheduled to be broadcast live this weekend were postponed. At the same time, the video of fans of the program buying milk drinks in large quantities and pouring them out for voting was popular on the Internet. The "pouring milk" incident happened again nearly a century later. This time, it seems that it is still related to capital

iqiyi was suspended from recording "youth you 3"

on the evening of May 4, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of radio and television issued a document on the official account, ordering iqiyi to suspend the recording of the follow-up program of the third season of "youth with you", and requiring iqiyi to carefully check and rectify the existing problems

5 in the early morning of May, iqiyi's official microblog of "youth with you" responded to this matter, saying that it was "sincerely accepted and resolutely obeyed". At the same time, Xingyu yingle, the company of yujingtian, the player of the third season of "youth with you", issued a withdrawal statement on the microblog, saying that the artist yujingtian could not continue to participate in relevant work due to personal physical reasons, and decided to withdraw from the current program recording

on the night of May 6, iqiyi issued an apology, saying that it was sorry for the impact caused by the "milk pouring video", and reiterated its firm opposition to all forms of food waste. Iqiyi said that from the moment of sending the document, all the power channels of the third season of youth have you will be closed

iqiyi's apology is related to the video of dumping milk for "milk ticket" which was popular on the Internet a few days ago. In the video, a group of people expertly opened the dairy products, left the bottle cap and poured the milk into the ditch. Behind them was a half man high dairy wall. A friend identified that what was dumped was Mengniu real fruit drink used to vote for iqiyi talent show

some friends said they were distressed, "it is better to give them to passers-by than to throw them away directly like this." "it is suggested to restore the SMS voting method", while more friends said they were puzzled, "why do you have to design it on the cover?"

on May 4, Xinhua News Agency issued a document angrily criticizing the milk being poured out, severely pointing out whether the negative effect of this line in an automated system will mislead young people, and calling for "don't take young people into the ditch!" On May 5, CCTV also issued an article criticizing that the merchant platform was to blame for the milk pouring incident

relevant dairy products are still on sale. The lawyer said that the platform should bear the responsibility.

Mengniu real fruit is the sponsor of youth has you for three consecutive years. Zhongxin Jingwei client saw in Mengniu's official small program "zhenguoli youth blessing grain club" that the products that can be listed include Mengniu zhenguoli's high-end colorful fruit grain series packaged products with the official logo of the program "youth has you 3" (red pomelo four seasons spring flavor, mango passion fruit flavor, white peach Raspberry flavor) Mengniu zhenguoli flower and fruit light milk series bottled products (Cherry Blossom white peach flavor, rose strawberry flavor) and Mengniu zhenguoli high-end colorful fruit series packaged products (red pomelo four seasons spring flavor) printed with the words "youth Limited packaging" and the official logo of "youth has you 3"

on May 6, the Zhongxin Jingwei client asked the customer service of zhenguoli flagship store whether it could help the idols to make a list. The other party said that the two products of zhenguoli flower and fruit light milk series can only be voted in new packaging, and the new and old packaging can be delivered at random. However, no relevant notice of making a list has been received. The specific voting content is subject to the official release, and the high-end colorful Guoli series drinks are no longer "helpful" at present

on Taobao and Xianyu, some merchants still sell bottle caps and QR codes. A flower and fruit light milk bottle cap costs 3 to 45, and two votes can be cast. There is also a "milk collection" business on the e-commerce platform, "collecting real fruit grains or pure small waist, children can also invest on behalf of them if they just want to drink milk, and the price is easy to say"

Zhongxin Jingwei client found in Mengniu zhenguoli flagship store on the e-commerce platform that two products of zhenguoli Huaguo light milk series and high-end colorful Guoli red pomelo four seasons spring milk drinks were still on sale. The high-end colorful Guoli white peach raspberry flavored milk drinks, which were sold out during the day of May 6, were re launched in the early morning of May 7

as early as february2020, the detailed rules on standards for content review of Internet variety shows clearly stipulated that "the program shall not set up a link of 'spending money to buy votes' and deliberately guide and encourage people to take such materialized means as shopping and membership to vote and help contestants"

on April 29, 2021, the anti food waste law was officially implemented. Li Min, a lawyer who is a senior partner of Shanghai Hansheng law firm, told the chinanews Jingwei client that the dumping of milk in the video violates the anti food waste law. In this case, the fans' behavior cannot be entirely blamed for the food waste, and the producers and platform parties should also bear certain responsibilities

"this is the brand side's propaganda and sales behavior of using the influence of stars to increase sales. Enterprises sponsor variety shows, bind entertainment stars, and increase product sales. The platform obtains program funds through enterprise sponsorship. Among them, improper marketing between enterprises and platforms is the root cause of investment and waste." Li Min said that this incident was apparently a two-dimensional code obtained by buying milk to make investment, but the essence is still that the platform and the manufacturer "spend money to buy votes" in disguise by buying milk

as for the use of food in commercial activities, Li Min called: "if the activities must use relevant food, the principle of minimum use should be effectively implemented while ensuring the realization of the objectives of the activities, so that the food can be properly reused according to the actual conditions and functions of the food, avoiding energy consumption and saving 40000 tons of standard coal every year."

whose purse did the milk "flow" into

in 2018, iqiyi's competitive performance cultivation reality show "idol trainee" once became a phenomenon level variety show, and praised caixukun and other young artists. Subsequently, iqiyi launched the first to third seasons of the variety "youth with you" in 2019, 2020 and 2021 respectively

public information shows that the producers of idol trainee and youth with you are iqiyi and Beijing caviar Culture Communication Co., Ltd., which was established in 2014 with a registered capital of 25.78 million and is a youth entertainment program production company. The producer of the program is Gongyu, CEO of iqiyi, and the chief producer is Jiangbin, vice president of iqiyi

with the popularity of talent shows in the market, more and more entertainment companies and sponsors choose to participate. In addition to the head brokerage companies such as Lehua entertainment and Shidai Fengjun, famous companies such as banana entertainment invested by wangsicong, Taoxiu Guangying of MCN company under Alibaba, Huayi Brothers fashion have sent their artists to participate in the draft

not only the brokerage companies, but also the sponsors are growing. Taking the third season of youth with you as an example, the sponsors include Estee Lauder, Shiseido and other brands, in addition to providing "milk cards" to Meng but not everyone can use cows

it is understood that the general rules of several talent shows from 2018 to now are similar. Taking the second season of youth with you as an example, 109 contestants competed through several rounds of tasks, training and assessment. At the same time, fans' voting was started. The top 9 contestants who finally voted could form an idol group to make their debut. Therefore, voting is the top priority for both contestants and fans

Xiao Li, a "veteran fan" who has voted for several talent shows, told the China Singapore Jingwei client that an event similar to "dumping milk" had not occurred for the first time, and had been heard of in the 2020 talent show. "In previous years, the ticket code will be attached to the package of the drink. Even if the 'milk card' is taken away, the drink can be saved or given to others. However, in the second season of last year's" youth with you ", the ticket code has been printed on the inside of the bottle cap, so we have to open the bottle to take the code."

it is understood that Mengniu real fruit has been the sponsor of youth has you for three consecutive years. In the links of various businesses, "green 3 voting" has become an important introduction to Mengniu real fruit

it can be seen from the flagship store that there is a prize card in each box of zhenguoli high-end colorful Guoli series, with 12 bags in each box, and the price is 54/box; Huaguo light milk series has a two-dimensional code in the bottle cap, with 10 bottles per box, and the price is 69.9/box. The product description shows that no matter it is a prize card or a QR code, it can be exchanged for the particle aid value to help the supported players

Mengniu said in its 2020 annual report that zhenguoli Huaguo light milk series was successfully launched and promoted through the title sponsorship of iqiyi's "youth has you 2". During the epidemic period of blocked sales, zhenguoli achieved counter trend growth, "it has been deeply loved by urban white-collar workers, college students and other consumer groups since its listing, and the e-commerce platform has been sold out for many times"

"I once bought several boxes of drinks for casting, and almost all of them were given to my colleagues and friends. In fact, the purchasing power of fans is also a manifestation of the popularity of artists and programs." Xiao Li explained that before the artists were not well-known, fans needed the axial tensile test under normal temperature and static load, which was the most basic and widely used experiment in the material mechanics experiment. They relied on "krypton gold" to prove that their idols had "strength" to the outside world, and the merchants also knew the psychology of fans, so they planned various gold absorption activities

"it is unknown whether idols can make their debut, but it can be predicted that the program group and sponsors have gained high popularity and huge profits." The Xinhua news agency said in its commentary that the program groups, relevant platforms and enterprises should take the initiative to shoulder their own social responsibilities in terms of the waste reflected in the "pouring of a large amount of milk"

on May 5, Xinhua's critical pursuit of stars could not only appeal to fans, but also pointed out that the entertainment industry "involves the complex commercial interests of platforms, production institutions, sponsors and other parties. To deal with the sick pursuit of stars, we can no longer just appeal to fans to be rational"

"as the target of 'chasing', stars should guide their fans to pursue stars more objectively and rationally. From the perspective of the platform side, they should also pay attention to balancing the emotions of fans rather than blindly inciting fans. At present, some platforms deliberately guide fans to pursue stars irrationally, so as to obtain more traffic and income. This is not desirable. The platform should learn to do something and do nothing." Jiang Han, senior researcher of Pangu think tank, said in an interview with China Singapore Jingwei client

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