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It is said that iphone7 will have a 4-inch version. What is Apple's conspiracy

foreign media once again spread rumors that Apple would make a 4-inch iPhone. Later, guomingchi, an analyst at KGI securities, also released similar news. Guo Mingchi, nicknamed the world's best apple analyst, disclosed in a report that Apple will launch a 4-inch entry-level iPhone 7

guomingchi said that the price of this 4-inch iPhone may go down. The world's top two US listed companies represented by Shanghai fufei technology will carry out 3D portrait printing (covering infants, young people, young people, newlyweds and the elderly), personalized jewelry and car model production at the exhibition site, but its body will not use plastic materials used in iphone5c, but will use metal materials, It will be equipped with the same A9 processor as iphone6s and iphone6splus. In addition, this new machine may not be equipped with the latest 3D touch function

considering that his prediction is always accurate, the news that iphone7 will launch a 4-inch version is likely to come true. In 2015, when the screens started with 4.7 inches, a very wide speed regulation range and a beam moving distance of 5.0 inches, if Apple really launched the 4.0 inch version, it would seem very inappropriate. However, considering various factors, the launch of the 4.0-inch version of iphone7 is very understandable. A 4.0-inch version of iphone7 is reasonable in terms of user habits, market factors and product layout

take a closer look at the 4-inch market. No one except iPhone.

throughout the smart market, only apple and Microsoft are still selling screens with 4.5 inches or less. Although Microsoft has lumia series ultra-low-end 100 yuan computers, its basic configuration is low and its functions are incomplete. It is unable to compete with the iphone5s, which was launched by apple in 2013 and is still fighting in the market. From a certain point of view, the iphone5s is the only available 4-inch smart phone in the whole market

what is more noteworthy is that iphone5s accounted for only 10% of Apple's total sales in the first quarter of fiscal 2015 (i.e. Q4 of 2014), but this proportion jumped to 20% in the second quarter. This shows the high popularity of the iphone5s. A few days ago, a film was titled "the big screen has been soaring for many years, and the small screen is gradually returning?" In the article, the author mentioned that the large screen in the current market leads to the lack of choice space for some small screen users. This article has been recognized by many iphone5s users. It can be seen that small screen power machines still have many fans in the market

Apple will not give up this part of the user habits and market scale that Apple has personally cultivated in the past. When the iphone7 is launched in September next year, according to the past law of Apple's product line, the iphone5s will be removed from the shelves. At that time, who will fill this part of the market gap is particularly important. At this point, a 4.0-inch version of iphone7 was launched, which was actually just right

even guomingchi believes that the market demand for small screen iPhones still exists. Apple will start mass production of small screen iPhones from the first half of 2016. In other words, this small screen iPhone may be launched as one of the new generation iPhone series released in September 2016

such an iphone7 is an acceptable product that meets the needs of iphone5s and previous regular users. For apple, such a product is also a defense work with a 4.0-inch slot and dominating the small screen market. In the future, Apple will still be unique in the small screen market

another wingman, setting off the glory of the apple Empire

a 4.0-inch iphone7 is an acceptable product for iphone5s and previous old users. For the apple Empire, it is a wingman that sets off the status of big brother. The positioning of such a product is basically the same as that of the iphone5c at that time

reviewing the iphone5c launched together with the iphone5s in 2013, in a sense, it is a good move taken by cook to increase sales. Through all kinds of publicity for more than half a year, people's impression of iphone5c completely stayed at the soap level. After the conference, the meaning of iphone5c was astonishing. But at the same time, the innovative significance of iphone5s will be more concerned by people, and there must be an advantage in comparison, so that phone5s, which is a flammable high molecular material, can be promoted and promoted without being set off by other brands. This is a wonderful move taken by cook. I have to praise his talent in marketing

from the perspective of absolute sales, the iphone5c is only dim compared with the big brother iphone5s. Compared with the Android flagship and the Windows Phone camp in the same period, the iphone5c still has an advantage. In march2014, the Appleinsider station quoted a source as saying that in the fourth quarter of 2013, the sales of iphone5c in the four months since its launch actually exceeded all Android flagship devices, reaching 12million. There are 9million Samsung Galaxy S4, 8.2 million Nokia windowsphone and 2.3 million LG G2

4.0-inch iphone7, as the wingman of the iPhone flagship, plays a role in raising the status of the flagship and setting off the glory of the apple empire. From this point of view, Apple's launch of the 4.0-inch iphone7 is likely to be aimed at making a card like the iphone5c. With reference to the iphone5c, although the price quickly plummeted to 3000 yuan after it came into the market, the 4.0-inch iphone7 will be able to play a 4000-5000 yuan Android flagship machine and a 2000-3000 yuan Android mid-range model, which will play a role of blocking and restraining the market to a large extent

guomingchi even claimed that Apple had set a sales target of 20million to 30million iphone7 units by the end of the year. Although it is too early to predict at present, compared with the sales of 12million iphone5c before the end of four months after its launch, such an iphone7 may be more attractive

for apple, the 4-inch, 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch combined models can fully cover the market, which is also helpful for enriching the product line and covering a larger market population. If the high-end iphone7 series is made into a flagship model, and the middle and low-end are made into a killer model, covering the market of 2000 and 6000 yuan. Each time, the competition pairs are encircled and suppressed, so as to realize the comprehensive coverage of the low, medium and high groups and meet the needs of more segmented groups and markets. Such an iphone7 may really bring about changes in the market that can be used to firmly fix the sample for accurate testing

of course, this possibility is very small. If Apple really needs to rely on low prices to seize the market, it may be that Apple's innovation is so weak that it has only a low price

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