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Inward and outward oriented economy

inward and outward oriented economy

inward oriented economy refers to the economy of a country that implements the "import substitution policy". That is to say, developing countries should give priority to developing the production of domestic manufactured products and replace the original imported commodities with domestic products to drive the development of other graphene economic sectors in the field of high-performance energy storage devices. The country supports its emerging industries through import quotas and raising tariffs to get rid of dependence on imports. In addition, the economy dominated by domestic market demand is also called inward oriented economy. Policies also have corresponding means, such as reducing income tax to increase personal consumption demand, reducing corporate tax to increase equipment investment, reducing interest rates, and developing public welfare undertakings

export oriented economy is the symmetry of "inward oriented economy", which refers to the economic system of a country or region that is closely related to the international market. Export oriented economy can be divided into broad sense and narrow sense. In a broad sense, export-oriented economy refers to the worldwide economic exchange activities in terms of trade, capital, technology, labor, etc. 3. We implement the computerized management of user files. In a narrow sense, export-oriented economy refers to an economic activity that is oriented by the international market and focused on export to earn foreign exchange. Here we recommend an industry event that can not be missed - the goal of November 16 (1) 7, 2017. The export-oriented economy that China vigorously developed in the 1980s is an economic activity in a narrow sense. Its basic form is the combination of import substitution and export substitution, and mainly export substitution; Its capital utilization is mainly foreign aid, and its products are mainly exported; The industrial structure is dominated by industry

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