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Mechanization of iodized salt small packaging

the national "Ninth Five Year Plan" scientific and technological research project "iodized salt automatic packaging machine" undertaken by Jiangyin Huaxia Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. of Jiangsu Province was successful. According to experts, the technology has reached the domestic leading level

iodized salt full-automatic small packaging machine is developed according to China's national conditions and the actual situation of the industry. The machine has a high scientific and technological content. Its automatic feeding structure, electronic control technology and anti-corrosion measures are widely applicable in other powder packaging industries. The popularization and application of this technology will promote the further development of China's packaging technology and shorten the gap with foreign advanced technology. It has been rated as a national new product by the State Economic and Trade Commission. In May 2001, it was approved by the Ministry of science and technology, the State Planning Commission, the State Economic and Trade Commission The Ministry of Finance rated it as an excellent project for tackling key scientific and technological problems in the ninth five year plan

iodized salt full-automatic packaging machine is the equipment provided for the mechanization of iodized salt small packaging in the salt industry. At present, most of the iodized salt small packaging in the salt industry is still in the state of manual packaging, with low efficiency, difficult management and backward technology. The iodized salt full-automatic small packaging machine developed by the project integrates machinery, electricity and gas, and is composed of four parts: bag making, metering, automatic control and small package transportation

the equipment can be replaced with different measuring devices according to different materials, and only the procedures need to be changed (other parts can be used for the third CTI conference in China this year), which expands the applicability of the equipment; The control part of the equipment is equipped with electronic scale detection; The measuring cup type measuring device adopts high-speed, high-resolution electronic scales, etc. to conduct measurement fine adjustment in the production process, which makes the operation more convenient, improves the measurement accuracy and expands the application range

it is understood that there are many manufacturers of automatic small packaging machines at home and abroad, but so far, there has been no continuous operation in the domestic salt industry for several years, and some iodized salt packaging machines still rely on imported products. This achievement makes up for the blank of product packaging equipment in domestic iodized salt industry

compared with similar automatic packaging machines at home and abroad, the advantages of iodized salt automatic packaging equipment lie in: material selection and purchased parts meet the requirements of strong corrosion of salt to materials; In terms of electrical installation, the sealing of the moving mechanism can effectively prevent the material requirements from continuously improving to prevent moisture gas from immersing into the electrical components and moving mechanism. After domestic novelty search and comparison with imported equipment, this product has the highest degree of automation, the most perfect function and the widest range of application among similar small packaging machines. The successful development of full-automatic small packaging machine for iodized salt provides advanced equipment for the mechanization of small packaging of iodized salt and improving the packaging conditions of salt industry; The successful application of iodized salt automatic packaging machine in the salt industry has significantly improved the quality of iodized salt packaging, strengthened product anti-counterfeiting, improved the production environment, promoted enterprise management, effectively guaranteed the market supply, and promoted the work of eliminating iodine deficiency disorders in China. Due to its wide practicality, progressiveness and economy of windows98/me/2000/xp operating system platform, it has promoted the improvement of iodized salt quality in China, And then promote the development of the salt industry to improve the quality of your products

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