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There is no need to enter a password to download free apps from IOS 8.3.

it only appears when the user disables the touch ID fingerprint recognition function. In the latest IOS 8.3 beta released by apple, Apple has brought us some new features. The biggest change is to allow users to download free apps and products in iTunes and app store without entering an account password

this new setting content appears in the Apple ID option in the settings menu. Users can set the interval between entering passwords in iTunes or app store stores, such as 15 minutes or more. Users can even set downloading free apps directly without entering passwords. This can simplify the user's operation process and make it more convenient for users to use. Of course, if users need to purchase or download paid resources or apps, they still need to enter the password of Apple ID

currently in the beta version of IOS 8.3, this function is still gray and cannot be activated temporarily. At the same time, it only appears when the user disables touch, so they help to achieve efficient battery thermal management ID fingerprint recognition. Maybe Apple thinks that when the user disables the fingerprint identification system, it will judge that the user has low requirements for the system load (the cement drying time is generally more than 10 (1) 5 days) after the cement is completely dried, so it can further simplify the download process

previously, apple tried to download free apps without entering a password, but later Apple withdrew this change for security reasons. Now, Apple has finally made another compromise with users. When users download free apps, music, books or movies, they do not need to enter the Apple ID password

in addition, in previous tests, IOS 8.3 beta also added many new features, such as connecting directly through Siri voice assistant through hands-free, adding Siri support language, a new Emoji keyboard, adding support for the environment-friendly features such as low-carbon, green and renewable recycling of wireless materials, and so on

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